Studio 585

Say Hello to the Future.

For couples that are looking for a videography experience that is everything opposite of “cookie-cutter”, the search is over. We have built and designed our videography process to deliver an immersive and visceral experience for our clients. Our goal was to do whatever it takes to, not only document the wedding, but to capture its true spirit. As a result, our couples will not only be able to watch their wedding, they will be able to relive it.

Capture Everything.

With our unique and immersive filming technique, we capture everything so that you will not only be able to watch your wedding, you will be able to truly relive it. With conventional videography, you are limited by the perspective of your videographer and the story that they wish to tell. At Studio 585, we eliminate these shackles and free you so that you can see what you want. Do you want to watch your parents during your vows? Looking to see your grandparents' reaction during your first dance? See everything and immerse yourself with a truly visceral video experience.

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